120mm of the Quik Pro

I wanted to do something different at this contest. It seems everyone is looking through the lens of their DSLR  snapping the action rather than watching with their own eyes these days. That’s all good but I wanted to WATCH the contest this time. Through my OWN human lenses. So I thought what could I do…? Walk around with my Hassy and take in-between the surfed-wave shots of people at the contest!? Yes,. So I did. I still think seeing the best guys surf perfect 6 ft waves is an incredible experience. We all like to think we could do it, similar to what those guys do but it’s not the case! There were 1000’s on the beach, hooting and hollering every wave. People from all over the world, dressed in all types of wear, speaking in tongues I didn’t know still spoken. As always a radical experience. As it turned out we spent a lot of time at the ‘local bar, Le Surfing, and the character’s that visited to eat, drink and be merry kindly stood for some pics. Cheers to everyone.

A big mix of people. I love the photo Bomb as well

A couple of characters check out a couple of characters.

Waves were smoking.

I snuck down to the edge for a different perspective.

and up the beach, perfect waves and hardly a soul to be seen.

This afternoon was 6ft with bigger sets and as perfect as some beachbreaks EVER get. There were guys surfing next to the contest area 95 percent of them tour guys and ripping otherwise the lineup was EMPTY. Looking Nth. Think about that!

Pete ‘JOLI’ Wilson. At the top of the list of nice guys and someone who has the time to give a guy like me advice on photography when he doesn’t need too! listening to his stories of the good old days of shooting surfing on film was just one of the inspiring stories that eased its route into my eardrum.

Sam, one of the real ones… Looking over Parko’s boards during a pretty important heat.

Gotta love this guy. This pic with the blues brothers as escorts seems the perfect capture.

Schoph watching the last rays over the contest! Nature threw some hairs in front of his sunnies! I wanted that sunset!!!!

Everyone was excited. From this roll of film I will never get out of my memory the 2 shots of one of my biggest known legends, Simon Anderson. For some reason they didn’t turn out!!!! Along the edge of the ocean with perfect light, composure and HIM, for the life of me, I can’t work it out.Its somehow seems fitting.

Meanwhile, out the front of Le Surfing, some people aren’t to interested in pro-surfing. Sophie and Sharleen taking in the last of the summer sun.

Aussie crew loving life..

Garret,. Little legend!

Bede. Fit as fuck and on track!

Luckily Melling can surf,… Cause he sure can’t take a photo!!!

Freddie and Jamie. A lot of ocean right there. I have to say this, Freddie P, if ever you get the chance to say hello, SAY hello. Another one of the REAL ones.!

Wilko’s nipple!


As much as we love to hate these guys (cause we all know better at judging than them) they have a very difficult and important job to do! I owe this one a beer for this shot! Layday!

An extremely good bloke and genius, Phil Mac. A great bloke to have in your corner!

The smoothie bar and the one-piece one-pieces

A couple of lovebirds, pre-departure.

This one spoke ‘Austrian’. I thought it was German!

A very photogenic girl. I lost her contact! Merde!


Then comes the drinking part. A couple of guys to make you feel like life is good, times are grand all with a beer in hand. Brigadier general Pumps and Cadet-first class Greenhorn.

Oh yes…

Could be my shitty scanner, or the randomness of film but I’m pretty sure it sums up the people in it!

Weird things happen at night around these parts!

Especially on a full moon!