35mm of the Quik Pro

It’s always a fun time to be in Hossegor when the Quik contest is on! This year I was hesitating the trip from Paris, but the charts looked the shiz-nit and to get the last of the summers failing sun I took the Easyjet flight to Biarritz. KFC arrived with no sleep for the 30 min return drive up the coast to home base… Le Surfing. This place I just can’t say enough about. So I won’t, I’ll just show you in the few pics I took!

Sun was out, waves were pumpin, the girls had the heels on, parties were rockin and as usual everyone there was given away love in all the right places. A melting pot of good times.

My unbiased opinion of the contest, for anyone who actually reads (or cares what I think) is that it was held in sometimes trying conditions and the best surfer didn’t win. I have to say though, Baldy was ripping. A few calls went his way, (always do) and now the title race is really heating up! I thought that Parko was the outstanding surfer of the event and just lacked the thing that the bald one always has, being in the perfect place EVERY fuckin time for the best waves.. (and also having a wave over a mountain sticker on the board) Thats surfing! It as very kool to see that Dane ripped his way through the event! Even better he stayed out in the water after the final as he ‘came here to just surf, and its pumping’. He gets my full marks that guy! I saw a podium photo and it had Baldy being stung with champagne from JJF, Reynolds and Parko. I think that pic is a sign of the things to come! Well done to all the surfers and also to the contest director Miky Picon. That guy has always been spot on and I can’t even imagine the pressure he must have been under! I’ll never forget when I first arrived to Biarritz and he gave me a lift with his dad to Hossegor. His dad is an incredible human being and a good friend to me over all the years! I’ll finish by saying that watching a surf contest when the waves are pumping and you are meters away from the action is incredible and I think there are not too many places in the world for it like Graviere.

All in all, it was a fantastic 10 days and well worth the bumpy ride in! See you next year. I hope!

Afternoon before the finals… No-one was even in this barrel and some guy is hands-up in the air!

The whole kit and Ka-boodle!

Down the beach was smoking..

Pumps trying to see the beach from inside his Smoothie Den.

Kyle, frothing for someone to order a delicious smoothie!

Sophie enjoying said smoothie!

Beccy, Marta and Kyle guest Dj-ing..

Even the girls from Hive Swimwear dropped in to serve a fresh fruit punch.

or a mojito a-la Beccy, if you prefer….

Hi Girls…

Pumps coming back from a mid afternoon surf check. The banks have been smoking all summer right out front!

The girls in-between drinks.

Down to the Hoss….

Woodie carving away at the Euroglass party.

Impressing one of the best..

Some groms ruffling the feathers in the playroom.

A Tahitian, doing what he does best!

Nothing like a night-cap. Cheers Pete.

Nursing the head.

Down day surf with Pumps..

A big wave back Pumps..

One-piece had a display going on.. I dressed the girls up in some! Great hangout gear.

Pete is going to vote for Romney…

The girls having fun.

and being serious….

and then back to the beach..

Wilko gets a new wetsuit.

Looks real but didn’t help him in the comp.

On arrival back to Paris. Our room with a view.