A wedding to remember…

It was a 2 hour drive from Paris into the country for the wedding and reception of David and Margo. It was a much anticipated event and the girls were overly excited to get out there and celebrate one of their best girlfriends wedding. Sitting in a car with 3 babbling french girls driving there was a experience in itself. It amazes me how deep conversation between girls takes away all other senses. Like how to drive! I swear I saved 4 lives 10 times on the way there.

After arriving we settled into a very quaint little farmhouse, all four in the same room, to get ready for the wedding in a incredible little, out of the way church in the little town of   …. The church was shirted by a graveyard many centuries old, with time ravished headstones reading back past the 16th century. Inside the stain glass windows bent the coloured light onto the faces of 200 people packing the oak pews. The sounds of a choir resounded of the walls as Margo walked down the aisle. It was a incredible ambience as her brother, the priest, gave her to be married!

The reception was 5 minutes away in the family country home of Margo. Started in the 70’s, just a shack on some land, its now a stunning retreat, surrounded by forests with a large and tree-laden lake, including a row boat. Thats down through a superbly keep outdoor garden. The aperitif was oysters, an array of hams, cheeses, foie gras and of coarse copious amounts of champagne. As the sunset behind the trees we moved to the reception and danced into the night… and morning. I think I got to bed at 5 and it was still rocking!

It was a incredible wedding and one I won’t forget! Thanks to David and Margo and best of luck into your future!

The girls and the farmhouse.

Mr Farmhouse man. He was telling me how good this horse is..

The old church and graveyard.

Three excited girls.

The bride arriving on the arm of her father.

On entry..

The walk down the aisle.

It was a amazing church on the inside as well!

For me, one of the most touching moments of this wedding was that the brother, Cammi, was the priest, and he was doing the service and the vows for his sister, Margo, the bride.

Greeting the guests, married.

Leaving for the reception.

The house was in the most amazing grove of trees and had a string-band playing tunes to our arrival.

Sophie looking amazing. Again.

Sophie looked amazing.

As did Celine..

and Laetitia.

The Bride ad Groom

Parents of the Bride with the bride and groom.

A mix of faces..

One of my favourites from the day. Brother and sister, Priest and Bride.

Another Favourite. I just wish I got another moment with him to bore him with my questions on the middle ages, which he teaches in Uni!



I busted off a colour shot of the girls.

Reception time. Margo and David arriving amid a thunderous applause.

Speeches brought the roof down! Here the girls tell Margo’s story!

The first dance….

Then the second..

and the third….

Margo leading the chorale..

The amazing shack….

Crepes to cure the hangovers.

I love trees and they don’t come much better than this one.

The path to the lake.

Poloroids from the night before. Such a good touch,..

Sophie and Celine across the lake.

Its sooo beautiful this lake.


The row boat.

The private road to the reception.. or home.