Keeping shit real!!

So with all the turmoil within the the surf industry lately, with everyone starting to realise they are being ripped off blindly when they buy a pair of boardies or a shirt or whatever with branding all over it and being pissed off that it costs 70 euros for something that you can get at H&M for 5 and as good a quality, it is so refreshing that a brand like RHYTHM comes along and keeps it real. This was one of the funnest ‘comps’ I’ve been to in a long while. It was under a bright sun with fun 3 ft waves and a packed beach that a rad format was run. The surfers, in four teams, accumulated scores, surfing any board of their choice and at the end of the day the winning team was showered with champagne and prizes. For me, one of the best parts of this day was that anyone could come up to the tent, take a apple, banana, slice of watermelon or a hamburger filled with gourmet salads and a ice cold beer, stand around and have a laugh listening to tunes thumping from the DJ’s speakers meters from the shoreline watching good surfers laughing, cheering and getting nude without the need for a wristband in the VIP tent with other ‘VIP’s” screaming because the food was late!! What a day! Well done to ! Awesome!!!

Pick a Vehicle.. any vehicle!

The Groms getting into it!

The good things in life….

Nothing like cold slices of watermelon on a hot day!

Expression session.. I censored the nude content as this is not that kind of blog!

Beers, tunes and good times… Bring it on!

Ambassodeur Crille and friends..

The prizes and trophies..

Everyone aboard!

Presso time.

I’m not even sure who won as it seems everyone was a winner!

Shower time….

and the winner is…… EVERYONE!