Donostia, San Sebastián, Basque Country, Nth Spain.

If you haven’t been here, then GO! Its one of the best towns I have ever been too. Its beautiful, historically classical, cheap and FUN! The Tapas is known to be the best in the world and in the narrow streets you can find many different styles. There is alot of pork, fish, and weird things that you should eat first before you know what it is. Trust me on this! I can’t even start on the important history of this place. Even just that the local basque language is the oldest still spoken in the world, then into this being a major, stratigic, defensive walled city in the middle ages and the Spanish navy using the natural safety of the Bay of La Concha!! Look, I could rattle on forever about this place but just do yourself a favour and go and visit, take a appetite and have the time of your life!

Underneath my photos I’ll give you a rundown on some of my favourites given to me from a local friend and after testing out all of them can say, like Nike did, JUS T DO IT!

Just don’t say your in Spain too loud at the bars.. They take this very seriously. I choose the high ground and say, I’m in BASQUE Country, in Spain’

From the walk to the top of the Urgull. Its a must do walk around some amazing tracks and do yourself a favour and do as we do, get off the beaten track and you could find some very interesting stuff.

The streets are beautiful as are the locals.

A little shop full of local tastes.

Everyday, all-day, summer or winter, the locals walk along the waters edge. Another Spanish beach culture that I love.

In every street and I mean EVERY street in and around the old town there is something amazing to see. Here is the Catedral del Buen Pastor. Spectacular.!

Off the track. This is some graves of some sailors from the 18th century. Very eerie place.

Even though lots of people walk the path near here, I was alone and could;t help being a little freaked out!

San Seb from a gap in the trees.

So here now are some tapas bars for you to check out. Rock on.!

1- The Street “Fermin Calbeton”, is one of the most famous streets to take pintxos! You go walking along the street and you will find many many bars offering pintxos!
Goiz-argi, Borda-berri, Txalupa, Egosari….

Then i made a quick list with some other bars in the old part that worth a visit:

2- “la cuchara de San Telmo”. Its quite hidden in a corner, in the 31 de agosto street. Its a nice place and the hidden terrase its cool! good risotto!!!

3-“Astelena”, its in a corner of the Constitution Square. Its more expensive than others but its veeery very good. Its crowded some times though.

4-“Bar Nestor”. Its an typical small bar, owned by a nice family, and they are very very Football fans! all the wall is covered by photos of the local team. Its worth tasting the specials: tomato salad (best tomato you would ever taste), pimientos and one of the best Tortillas in town. Be careful cos the only make 2( one at 12.00 and other one at 20.00 i think), and once its finish, no more tortilla. smile

5- “La mejillonera”. One of the cheapest. The specialty is the mussels and french fries.

6-“Ganbara”. San Jerónimo, 19 street. Its the best (in my opinion). Its more expensive than others, but they have the best products.
My favorites: mushrooms!! the have tons of them, and the cook them in different ways. Also the some croissants with ham! be careful cos somethings are expensive wink

7-“Txepetxa” Pescadería, 5 street. They are next to bar 4, and the specialty is the anchovy!!

There are many more, but the best is just to walk around and go bar after bar trying!

Cheers and thanks to the beautiful Marta! My fantastic guide from Donostia. I also managed a quick snap of her,.

Eskerrik asko for all your help Marta. Zor dugu alde handi Australia etortzen bada!!!