The waiting game…

My biggest thrill with using my Hasselblad or any of my film cameras is, well outside of the sound they make when you press the shutter, is having to wait to see the result. Thinking you nailed a shot and waiting, expectantly, nervously, sweating that all the effort put into that particular shot was worth it! 

Well today I was thrilled to bits arriving at my newly changed to lab and seeing the first of my five 120 and two 135 velvia slide film on their proof sheets. Seeing them all together in full gloss next to each other gave me pure joy and seeing that I only ever take one shot of a similar thing, hoping all 12 shots are every bit as spectacular as the moment I saw them through the lens is just, RAD! Check out this one. 



I never use photoshop and think that, although its a art in itself, takes alot away from capturing the moment as it was. A little tweak with the levels, fine, but anything more, thats just not cricket. I’ll leave that to them. What until you see whats coming.. It will be rad!