Do surf and 120 mix?

Been a while of no contact! It was a long, hot summer and the pics are starting to scan their way in as we speak! Ibiza, Barcalona, Paris, San Sab, Hossegor… Was a good one. I will start with a few from Hossegor area. I have a lot of very good friends down there and one of them has a bar called ‘Le Surfing’, in the carpark in Estagnots. There is not even a argument when you say its the best bar/restaurant in the area! Food is incredible and ambience reminds me of chilling in some far away country meeting people from all around the globe, just wanting to surf and hangout! Our good friends at RHYTHM had one of the coolest concept surfing contest I have been to in a long time. Hats off to a clothes company doing the right thing and giving the love back!  (more coming in 35mm). I was loving the Hasselblad and the character’s down there make it easy to get a good shot!

This is a attempt to get a shot of my friend surfing. We are trying to figure out if it worked or not!

150mm, hand held.

3 beards and THE wall!

The beach is for everyone!

Pick a board, any board! Hats off to RHYTHM!

If you haven’t had one of Pump’s smoothies, you haven’t lived!


Double exposures are so fun,.,,, when you want to do them! A mistake here that turned out pretty rad!