Hello 35 and 120 lovers….

Fuji HD-M, 28mm, Ilford 3200

Here I will get to showcase my re-kindled love for photography. A friend of mine was using a shitty 35mm camera during a shoot I was assisting him with and after talking in-depth over the film/digital debate I decided to shoot off a few rolls of 35mm. After the initial action of opening the back, sliding the film in and loading, it only took that first shutter release to change me! You choose you ISO, shutter speed and F-stop and you don’t get a second chance. Its knowing your settings and camera. The different speeds of the film your using. Taking one shot instead of 30 on the digital. Waiting to finish the roll before taking to the Lab and then more waiting to get the prints. Then the excitement of seeing the prints for the first time and flicking through the 36 of them and picking your favourites. I am still new to the 120 square format but I am totally in love with the energy about it! I will be working to improve and master it! Follow along and I hope you enjoy looking at my photos as much as I love taking them!

Hasselblad 501CM, 80mm, F-22, 45 sec, Porta 400. Lerici Italy