Fashion week is here again…

Fellow bloggists getting the gold!   *this is from another blog I posted a couple of years ago. I laughed at the words I wrote. Looking forward to doing it all again starting… Continue reading

Playing around with the Metz…

I was walking around a Brocante, a sort of garage sale that they have here in Paris and I saw an old Lowerpro camera bag. In it I found a Metz flash and… Continue reading

The Wall… episode 2

I always love to goto Hossegor. It’s a amazing place in the south-west corner of France. The beaches there are long and have some of the best beachbreaks in the world! In the… Continue reading

35mm in Ibizaaaaaaa….

Amazing place, amazing people, amazing water, amazing party, amazing weather, amazing times, amazing partner….. Amazing..

6 frames of Corfu.

Time… time, time.. The day just doesn’t have enough hours. I only got 1 afternoon with my Hassy again in a very beautiful and history laden place on the island of Corfu in… Continue reading

First roll of an interesting place.

I only pulled the Hassy out on 1 afternoon as my schedule was hectic but I am happy with my shots of this very amazing place!! I look forward to getting some more… Continue reading

The wall.

The famous wall at Le Surfing in Les Estagnots in the south-west of France is this setting for some portraits I shot of the crew from Le Surfing. I am still not sure… Continue reading

The Annual Cricket day…

Good times and a long time waiting for these ones. 3 months ago the Annual Currumbin vs Tugun cricket match was held again, for the 19th time. A lot of the same crew… Continue reading

120mm of the Quik Pro

I wanted to do something different at this contest. It seems everyone is looking through the lens of their DSLR ¬†snapping the action rather than watching with their own eyes these days. That’s… Continue reading

35mm of the Quik Pro

It’s always a fun time to be in Hossegor when the Quik contest is on! This year I was hesitating the trip from Paris, but the charts looked the shiz-nit and to get… Continue reading